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Our Goal:To attract bright, creative, and energetic talent.
                  Together we can cultivate new ideas and develop new products.

As a growing company, we give our employees more responsibility, more authority, and more accountability when it comes to creating quality seat products and advanced technologies. From developing ergonomic office chairs to creating environmentally friendly lounge sofas, our careers allow our employees to have a real impact on the development of our products and the future of our planet.ASIS is one of China’s ideal employers. We offer our employees a variety of training courses on topics such as management, business philosophy, advanced design, and technology. If you embrace new ideas, fresh thinking and close collaboration, your ideas can contribute to what’s next and your ambition can propel us toward the future.


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Human Resources Dept:
Ms. Li

Phone: +86 760 2816 9228
E-mail: assistant.ad@asis-design.com