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The 25th China International Furniture Fair

30 Mar 10


March 2010

     The 25th China International Furniture Fair successfully concluded on March 30, 2010.  ASIS, as one of the exhibitors, achieved excellent results during this four-day exhibition.  This was our first year showcasing ASIS’s original products, and it also showcased our company’s integrated design and production capabilities.  Our imaginatively decorated booth and four series of originally designed products attracted a large number of visitors and garnered numerous positive comments from customers and social media.  

   ASIS’s Mercury chair won the silver award in the product appearance design competition.

The four series of ASIS-designed products were Arco, Mercury, Omega, and Grace. All the products attracted visitors’ attention and received praise for design and craftsmanship. Mercury, one of the ASIS’s signature products, won the silver award.

   ASIS’s booth design won the bronze award in the booth design competition.

We invited Mr. Huafeng Cui, a well-known contemporary artist in China, to design our exhibition booth. The booth reflects a whimsical, avant-garde style and won the bronze award.

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