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Six Years of Efforts for a chair – Launch of ASIS's "God's Chair" in Guangzhou Opera House

03 Apr 15

The 2nd ASIS Party of Sharing and Enjoying & "Awaken" Launch of MC GOD was held in Guangzhou Opera House on March 28, 2015. The official from the Italian consulate in China, along with some 300 guests including senior executives in the furniture industry, high-level journalists from the media, as well as international designers, unveiled the brand new Mercury -- the "God's chair." Catering services were provided by Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel.

Real beauty never comes from fancy words. Therefore, we choose to let the beauty of Mercury speak for itself. We've seen too many stereotyped designs. But for ASIS, there's no such thing as universal model. God's chair is the result of our continuous innovation over the past six years, during which each member of our team played his own part and focused on the littlest detail to finally bring about the birth of Mercury, a chair combining the beauty of reason and sensibility. The awakening trip of MC GOD on the night of March 28 was a trip where ASIS used the spirit of never-ending innovation to deliver positive energy to the public and awaken the dream hidden deep down in the heart of each guest.

Before the conference, the American violinist Irmina Trynkos, and the Russian pianist and composer Pavel Timofejevsky presented the guests with a heavenly duet -- "Sonata Impression".
Art can be very powerful, just like the design of Mercury. After the music show, Bill Chen, the general manager of ASIS, Bartoli, the product designer, and Joost, CEO of ASIS Europe, shared with the guests the design process and the development planning of Mercury.
With the unveiling of the much-anticipated Mercury, the artist, Mr. Fang Shenglan used his body language to demonstrate the beauty of the curves applied to the God's chair.
ASIS arranged an exhibition on the third floor of the Guangzhou Opera House for experts and designers present at the conference. In addition to the Mercury series, other series also attracted much attention. In order to let the awakening appeal of Mercury reach more people, the exhibition will be opened to the public.

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